Jason Westin, MD for Congress

About Jason

Meet Jason

Doctor Jason Westin is the father of three young children, a husband, and a doctor who fights cancer by working to find cures every single day. After graduating college in with a degree in Microbiology, Jason moved to Washington, D.C. to intern in the United States Senate where he worked on health care policy during the great tobacco debates of 1998 where he saw the true power of politics for good first-hand. As a first-year medical student, Jason volunteered in the “Equal Access Clinic” which provided free healthcare to those without insurance or who couldn’t afford the care they desperately needed. Working in and eventually leading the clinic was a formative experience for him and is one of the many reasons he believes that healthcare is a human right. He graduated medical school with honors and was recruited to his first academic medical job as a college professor at the age of 28. After co-founding a new hospital department, he decided to focus his career on treating patients with cancer. He and his wife Shannon moved to Houston in 2006 to train at one of the top cancer hospitals in the world where they both are on faculty as Oncologists. Jason now leads a large research team that focuses on finding cures for the most common cancer of the immune system. He has received numerous awards and is internationally recognized for his cutting-edge research and clinical trials. Most importantly, his patients like him, trust him, and respect him.


Why I’m Running to Represent Us

I’m not a career politician, I’m a doctor and I’ve spent more than 15 years tackling life and death issues for my patients. As a doctor, I took an oath: first do no harm. But when career politicians like John Culberson keep trying the same failed partisan prescriptions, our community is worse off than if they’d done nothing at all. I’m getting off the sidelines because I know firsthand what’s at risk for folks who will lose their access to healthcare if Trump and Culberson have their way. That’s why I’m running for Congress and asking for your support.

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