Risk: Understand, Inform, Protect

Dr. Westin’s Houston Flood Risk Plan

Our plan is simple

To protect Houston from future catastrophic damage, we must:




1. Understand Houston’s risk

  • Update the flood maps
  • Comprehensive “What Flooded in Harvey” report
  • Comprehensive “What Went Right and Wrong in Harvey” report

2. Inform Houston of the risk

Before a storm

1. Inform Houston residents of their flooding risk

  • Existing homes
  • Real estate transactions
  • New construction

2. Implement a buyout or elevation program


During a storm

1. Comprehensive flood warning system

  • Monitoring
  • Informing
  • Reacting

2. Underpass warning and closure system

3. Emergency reporting and rescue coordination

3. Protect Houston From Future Risk

  • Fund Brays Bayou, White Oak Bayou, Hunting Bayou and Clear Creek projects
  • Secure the land and build a third reservoir
  • Repair and reinforce the Barker and Addicks reservoirs
  • Comprehensive plan for all watersheds in Houston
  • Most importantly, deal with the underlying causes of worsening storms like Harvey: our changing climate.
    • 1. Innovative solutions to increase drainage capacity
    • 2. Addition of storage capacity for potential storm surge
    • 3. Improvement of natural drainage via restoration of prairie system upstream

It’s not enough for Congressional candidates to say they want funding for flood risk reduction infrastructure. Even John Culberson says he wants this now – although he was silent for his first 17 years in Congress on this issue. Instead of reactionary leadership, we need leaders who understand that we must act now to deal with this crisis. At the Houston Climate Forum, I alone made the case that implementing the Deep Decarbonization plan is vital to our security. It is also vital to the Houston economy to ensure we take the unique opportunity we have to lead in the 21st Century.


If you have additional thoughts, reach out to us at info@WestinForCongress.com

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