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Time for a new prescription

Time for a new prescription By Jason Westin, M.D. “This means the world to me” she said as I left her exam room. In my first year of medical school, I learned countless lessons, but perhaps the most important was that healthcare is a human right. Working in the student run Equal Access clinic, a […]

ASH Clinical News: A Cure for Congress?

ASH CLINICAL NEWS: A CURE FOR CONGRESS? An Interview With Jason Westin, MD August 1, 2017 As a hematologist and researcher, Jason Westin, MD, has dedicated his career to expanding and advancing treatment options for patients with lymphomas. Now, he’s turning that focus to the American health-care system. In May, Dr. Westin announced his run […]

Culberson stock asset may prove political liability

Culberson stock asset may prove political liability Drug startup’s shares take a dive amid disappointing test results By Kevin Diaz, June 27, 2017 WASHINGTON – When he bought a stake in a little-known Australian biotech firm five months ago, Houston Republican Rep. John Culberson entered a volatile world of financial risk, political suspicion and international […]

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